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    This eBook focuses on the critical need for increased bandwidth in converged networks that carry many different types of traffic: data, audio, video, and interactive multimedia. We review the standard LAN and WAN protocols used in the most common networking configurations and then introduce several protocols and technologies that work to provide the quality of service necessary for the transmission of time-sensitive information. We also focus on practical applications of convergence; you will learn how call centers use close integration of data and voice networks to efficiently deliver high levels of customer service.

    The updates to this eBook include the addition of real-time technologies, such as Desktop Conferencing, Whiteboarding, and Voice over IP, along with the expansion of Gigabit Ethernet to support their need for greater bandwidth. We cover the emergence of VLANs as a key technology for both converging networks along with wireless networks as defined by IEEE standards 802.1p and 802.1Q.



    SKU: EB-1120 ISBN: 1-58676-157-9 

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