• Design and Implementation of Voice Networks Study Guide

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      This study guide explains how to plan the physical design and installation of telephone systems that meet system specifications while working within the bounds of real-world constraints. You will learn about the technical and legal regulations that govern the design of a phone system, as well as how to combine telephony components to improve productivity and meet business needs. To help you keep projects on track, we also explain several essential project management tools and how to most effectively use them.
    Updates to this course expand on the use of Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP telephony as these technologies become more feasible and come into greater use. This includes the increased use of digital voice mail systems that require more system resources and new features for greater efficiency. We go on to cover in more detail the servers that are now being used to facilitate the ever more integrated voice, video, and data systems. The changes in PBXs and ACDs are discussed as their roles change and expand.



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