• Implementation of Data Networks eBook

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    Explains the process of designing and implementing a new network or network upgrade. We present a step-by-step approach that breaks this complex job into four major phases: (1) Concept, (2) Development, (3) Implementation, and (4) Termination. You will learn how a wide range of network factors can either enhance or degrade its performance. You will also be introduced to the project management tools that are essential for completing a network project on time and within budget.

    The updates to this eBook provide new and expanded procedures necessary for the most efficient network design and implementation. We discuss the new tools, applications, and standards available for these tasks. One area of particular concern is security, especially for wireless networks. We present new and improved types of security systems and applications. This course also includes updates for expanding network requirements and LAN software implementation. This new module concludes with two lessons on security



    SKU: EB-1124 ISBN: 1-58676-160-9

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