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      The Protocol Analysis eBook covers the underlying processes and protocols that form the foundation of today's networking infrastructure. Its primary focus is TCP/IP networking protocols and applications, with sections devoted to Novell's IPX/NCP, NetBIOS/NetBEUI/SMB, NFS, Microsoft's client/server operations, as well as network routing protocols. It presents the common frame formats found in LANs and WANs, including Ethernet Version 2, IEEE 802.3, SNAP, PPP, Frame Relay and ATM.

    This eBook begins by discussing important concepts such as virtual circuits, layering, and service boundaries then proceeds to physical and logical network addressing as viewed from both LAN and WAN perspectives. Participants will learn the function of frame, packet and port addresses, and how these are deployed in the delivery of information to user applications. A web browser/server conversation is covered from the DNS lookup to the subsequent transfer of the web page across the network



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